Freedom RV Rentals Inc. started in 1991 and has grown every year. We have over 70 units in our fleet. Freedom rents recreational vehicles to fans who enjoy going to NASCAR races. This is what Freedom has become specialized in. We have an RV to fit your almost every need with many types of drivable motorhomes.

There are many uses for a travel trailer. For instance, extra sleeping space while company visits. Also, a travel trailer will provide a rest room and place to stay out of bad weather while at a campground or park. It is great to have a trailer at sporting events such as car or horse racing events. Another great use for a travel trailer is having a place to stay while having a house built.

If you have the proper vehicle, you may pick up the trailer from our lot, or Freedom can deliver one to you if you don't. Travel trailers are a great way to save money over a motorhome.

If you want to travel and don't have the need for a motorhome or don't have a large enough tow vehicle, then we can deliver a travel trailer, do the set-up, and when you are done take care of the pick-up.  That way you can still have the camping experience you want without the worries.

Not sure if you want to buy a new recreational vehicle, then rent one! This eliminates the worry of where you are going to store it, paying the taxes on it and any other upkeep these vehicles require. (We even have free airport pickup and drop-off services).

Let Freedom RV Rentals Inc. help you with whatever your needs are. Feel free to give us a call with whatever questions you have.
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